Anniversary Update

Hi! As most of you probably know, it's been a year since Abigail Fortune and the Scarlet Fairy was released. To sort of commemorate this, I've updated the game in a bunch of small ways. This is the Anniversary, or 1.2 update, and features the following changes:

  • Fixed a bunch of typos all over the game.
  • Fixed the wrong spelling of the Dittmar lady; the name of the Dittmar artist lady is now consistently Adalheidis.
  • Rewrote some of the text in some of the books in the library, for future lore stuff.
  • Edited a bunch of other dialogue and text all over the game.
  • Edited some of Neil's dialogue and added two new portraits for him.
  • Added dialogue to a bunch of NPCs that either lacked any before or had only a bit.

I also tried to replace the preloader plugin with a new one, as I think that's been causing issues for some people, but that didn't work for some reason...

It was kind of difficult to implement some of the changes due to issues with RPGM (and the fact that the game was finished on an older version of RPGM), but I managed to iron out most issues. As always, hit me up at the official blog if you find any issues, and I will try to fix it if I can.

In any case, thank you very much and keep on supporting the series!

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